New Music Releases – 1/31/12

Here’s our weekly roundup of some interesting NEW music releases for January 31, 2012.  I’ve tried to include links with reviews and streams of at least a song or two.  Find some new music to dig on this week, and then get out to your local record store to grab your copy.

Let me know what you are listening to, and if you think I missed anything!

Adam Arcuragi – Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It…
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Out Of Frequency
The Big Sleep – Nature Experiments
Black Bananas – Rad Times Xpress IV
Buxton – Nothing Here Seems Strange
Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic
The Ex-Girlfriend’s Club – Boo Hoo Hoo
Hospitality – Hospitality
Imperial Teen – Feel The Sound
Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas
Pacific UV – Weekends
Pepe Deluxé – Queen Of The Wave
The Pines – Dark So Gold
Ruthie Foster – Let It Burn
Virgin Forest – Easy Way Out


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  2. The Pines might have my favorite album of the year so far. Just an incredible listen.


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