Live and Reel’s Diamond Rugs and Deer Tick Sessions

We’ve talked quite a bit about Diamond Rugs, and we were lucky enough to catch their debut show in Atlanta last month.  You know that we love us some Deer Tick too.  And, how can anyone not love the fine work that Live and Reel is doing for the Nashville music scene?

Somewhere over the holidays, I missed Live and Reel’s posting about the Diamond Rugs session.  Technically, it is the Deer Tick portion of Diamond Rugs (John McCauley and Rob Crowell), which makes it not too surprising that they were able to record a little Deer Tick session while they were in the studio as well…. talk about a productive couple of hours.

All those vids are below for your Thursday morning enjoyment, and, if you want mp3s for your own personal collection, head over to Live and Reel to download for free!

Diamond Rugs – “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant”


Deer Tick – “Mrs K.”


Deer Tick – “Main Street”

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