Last Minute Live Music Suggestions In Nashville Tonight

Despite the weather, it’s another fine night for some great local acts.  I’m swamped today, so we are going to quickly run through three venue lineups that I think will be pretty damn fun tonight.  I’ve written about most of these bands, so I’ll just throw up some players to give your ears the chance to decide.  If you like to read, click on the links.  Summary: Pop lovers go to Mercy Lounge.  Americana fans look to The Basement.  Funky soul rock fans dive on into Springwater.  Whatever you choose, get out to see some live music tonight!

By Lightning, Uncle Skeleton, Casa Castille at Mercy Lounge

Do you like poppy rock?  Here’s your bet for the night!  You probably read in the Cream earlier about the new Uncle Skeleton tune.  That’s below for your aural pleasure.  By Lightning has been tweeting about new songs, so that is something to look forward to tonight from the winner of Nashville Scene’s “Best New Band of 2011”.  Casa Castille really jumped into my consciousness with those “Conference Call” videos they did in back in December.  Tickets are $7, and things get started at Mercy around 9pm.

Blackfoot Gypsies, Denney and the Jets, Sunday Valley, Dead Rabbits, & 13 Ghosts at The Basement

The Basement had to bump up the start time (8pm) to handle all of this music tonight.  Here’s a write up we did about Blackfoot Gypsies back in September.  Denney and the Jets seem to be Thursday night regulars in Nashville these days.  I’m digging on twangy sounds of Sunday Valley, and the swamp stomp of Dead Rabbits, and you can check those out in the players below.  13 Ghosts have an interesting americana, rock, country mix, and you can listen to their myspace player here.   It’s always fun to drink beer at The Basement regardless.

Oh No No & Girls and Money at Springwater

This is the almost-have-to-move-your-ass funky soul rock show if your needing that elixir tonight.  The divey confines should be shaking from Oh No No with Girls and Money.  I’ve attached Balcony TV sessions for both of those bands, but the amplified versions at those links back there have a bit more… well, amplification.  Things get started at Springwater around 10pm.



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