Free 9th Anniversary Party at Mercy Lounge, Friday & Saturday in Nashville

Can you believe that Mercy Lounge has been around for 9 years already?  Well…. I can, I guess.  I mean, I wasn’t here 9 years ago, and I was 17 when I moved out of this area… anyway, it’s still a pretty bad ass line up of shows for their celebration this weekend.  I’ve given you some tracks to check out from each of the eleven bands that are playing.  Check them out below, and at least swing by to see some live music this weekend.  It’s free for crying out loud…so, just go grab a drink whilst your drunk ass is barhopping around town…. and remember to wish them a “Happy Birthday” when you are there.


Friday (1/20/12). Set Times are approximate:


Ponychase (9:30 – 9:55)


Kyle Andrews (10:10 – 10:35)


How I Became The Bomb (10:50 – 11:15)


Wild Cub (11:30 – 11:55)


Cheer Up Charlie Daniels (12:10 – 12:35)


Relapse (12:35 – til)


Saturday Night (1/21/12)

Escondido (w/ Tyler James) (9:30 – 9:55)


The Nobility (10:10 – 10:35)


Evan P. Donohue (10:50 – 11:15)


Heypenny (11:30 -11:55)
Here’s some tracks from Spotify


Mayhem (performing Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model) (12:10 – 12:40)
Click here to listen to the original recording on Spotify


Relapse (12:45 – til)

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