“Humor-Tonk” night at The Basement, Tonight in Nashville

I’m not sure the bands on tonight’s bill will like the “Humor-tonk” moniker, but I think it is fitting for what’s about to happen at The Basement on this Friday the 13th.  Here’s the Three’s Company inspired promo video for the show tonight.

It’s a mixture of Americana, Country, Folk, Psychedelic Rock, some hysterical lyrics, and even funnier song titles.  If you don’t have a sense of humor, you should probably stop reading right now, but for those ready to smile on a Friday… please carry on.

You can check into to the laughs with D. Striker‘s “Country Star Condos”

and move on back to their epic “World’s Worst Swingers”

and “Late Night Polaroid Party”

Now it is time to “touch” on the always fun Birdcloud.  Before we begin… Father, forgive me.  We’ve talked about them before, and you know what you are in store for with songs titled “Warshin’ My Big ‘Ol Pussy” and one listen to “Saving Myself For Jesus” is a sure fire way to make the bible belt cringe.  Don’t think they didn’t get into the holiday spirit with their recent video “Cool Christmas” (by Meredith Kotas, remember her Girls Night Out movie a while back?)

“Warshin’ My Big ‘Ol Pussy”

“Saving Myself For Jesus”

[youtube_sc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_lk4QUM2UQ?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

You’re also going to get some Ri¢hie and some Mystery Twins (who don’t really fit my “Humor-tonk” headline), so I’ll just trust that you can make up something funny in your head when you are listening to some pretty good rock tunes from them.

That cold white stuff won’t be in your yard anymore later this afternoon, so get out and see some live music tonight.


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