Vinyl Thief & Stokeswood, Exit/In, Tonight In Nashville

We’ve talked a lot about Vinyl Thief on this blog, and I hope you are getting out to see them.  If you haven’t had a chance, tonight is another opportunity at Exit/In with Atlanta band Stokeswood.

Vinyl Thief is that Nashville electrorock outfit that has been steadily gaining traction here in the Music City.  They’ve been playing in support and solo, and have a string of dates coming up.  So, you should take a look at our calendar, and find a date that fits your schedule.  This is one of those bands that you might want to say you were there when it all began.  You can have a listen to and download their 2010 EP Control and the single “White Light”  from their upcoming LP over at Vinyl Thief’s website.

Tonight’s show also includes co-headlining, up and coming Atlanta band, Stokeswood.  They are a highly talented band which does a ridiculous amount of layering electronica along with traditional instruments.  It’s kind of like Radiohead had a baby with Postal Service who then got knocked up by The Killers and birthed Stokeswood.  They self-released their debut record, Carassia, in 2009, and they have been tweaking their sounds since.  While Carassia was an impressive debut, their follow up In The Field Of Vibrations in 2011 took it all to another level.  The new record has lots more layering, electronics, and the bravado of musicians that are really becoming comfortable creating their sound.  You can have a listen to some tracks from Carassia at their myspace (ugh) page, and you can check out some In The Field Of Vibrations at their website.

Update: things get started with late addition The Savage Radley.  I don’t know much about them, but here is a video that might shed some light.

Things supposedly get started around 8pm, and tickets are $7.  You can grab those tickets here.  Thursday is like little Friday, so get out and see some live music.

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