The Anal Beatles destroyed (literally) The Basement last night

It was almost a joke for the packed house at The Basement last night.  We had a last minute announcement about the “supergroup” called The Anal Beatles with members from Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, Apache Relay, and Matthew and The Atlas.  It was billed as a “PunkAmeriAcapellaCana”, and I think most of those in attendance were expecting the next Monsters of Folk.  What we got was something completely unexpected.

The Anal Beatles are 1 part Mumford and Sons (Country Winston), 2 parts Old Crow Medicine Show (Gill Landry and Kevin Hayes), 1 Part Apache Relay (Mike Harris), and 2 parts Matthew and The Atlas (one of which is Harrison Cargill)… combined and shaken until bursting out of the seams.  They took the stage with the subtle gusto of incredibly talented musicians who were getting together for a jam session of some sort, but then all hell broke lose.  The rhythm section remained huddled around the drums while the two front men literally beat the shit out of the stage, lights, mic stands, etc.  One of the “singers” even crawled under the rug on the floor of The Basement stage…  While I am sure the Basement is a sanitary establishment, I’m not crawling under any stage carpet.  It was the hardest punk show I have seen in my recent memory.  With a songs like, “The World Is Hot. Fuck You If You Think It’s Not”, and numerous other lewd lyrics to carry the smiling crowd through.  On my way out, the singer (who crawled under the rug) was laid out in the Basement’s parking lot.  I walked up and told him that I should kick him in the stomach for what he just did to me.  He smiled and said, “I just need to catch my breath from that fun.”

I could go on and on about what an unexpected, fun, and interesting set it was… but, I think it is time for you to see a bit of footage from the show last night that has already appeared on the YouTubes.


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