Ovvio Arte’s “Bleed The Ballroom”, Round 3, Tonight in Nashville

It’s 2012, and we have another installment in the Ovvio Arte parties called “Bleed The Ballroom”.  These have to be some of the hippest parties going on in Nashville right now.  Round 1 and Round 2 of these shindigs were a roaring success, and featured some of Nashville’s hottest rock acts.

Round 3 tonight will be no different with resident rockers Denney & The Jets riffing it up for us, but we have some new special guests for you tonight… Nashville sweetheart folkster Tristen will be opening things up.  If that isn’t enough for you, you can also check out the rocking vibes of DJs Sean Maloney (Music critic, food nerd, in need of a haircut), Linwood Regensburg (Those Darlins’), and Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood).  For soakage, you can rely on the tasty eats from The Grilled Cheeserie truck (that’s right… In-N-Out Burger melt).

It costs $8 to get into this little partay, and it’s BYOB.  Get your directions here, and then get out to see some live music tonight.

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