Girls and Money, Scale Model and more, Free show at The 5 Spot, Sunday Night!

I’m gonna give you a reason to check out some music on Sunday night.  I usually take Sunday off from the blogging front to rehab the ole’ brain with some football and relaxation.  But, let me tell you about a reason to get off your couch on Sunday night.  Nashville bands Girls and Money, Scale Model, I Believe In Hotpants, and Karma Kite are playing for FREE! at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  All these bands have different sounds, and this will almost be like a showcase night for you.

Scale Model are recent transplants to Nashville from Chicago. This indie rock/pop outfit combines complex instrumental structure with unique, catchy vocal melodies to create a sound that transcends the staples of pop. Drawing influences from 80s brit pop bands such as The Cure and The Smiths, as well as Sonic Youth and MGMT, Interpol, Broken Social Scene, and Karate, the band utilizes counter-pointing guitars, ethereal vocals, and syncopated rhythms to create music that is both energetic and dynamic.  You can have a listen here.

I first heard Girls and Money a couple of months ago, and I immediately said “This band is going to be a lot of fun live.”  They haven’t played out much since then, but I’ve kept my eyes open for this gig.  We talked about Girls and Money about a month ago when they were playing in the finals of that RAW Nashville event/contest.  With company and attention like they garnered there, you know that Girls and Money are a band to keep an eye on around Nashville.  If you don’t remember their sound, click here for a listen.

The other two bands are I Believe In Hotpants and Karma Kite.  I don’t know very much about them, but I like what I have heard.  You can listen for yourself those links above.

I know it’s Sunday, but it’s worth it.  Get out and see some live music.


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