Best Friend, The Muse, Saturday Night in Nashville

Do you remember me talking about that little Nashville/Knoxville band called Best Friend a couple of months ago?  They are that cool lo-fi surf rock sounding band that is reminiscent of some bros that have listened to a lot of Girls with forays into Pavement and Bright Eyes.

Unless you happened to be at Rooster’s Barbeque last summer, you haven’t seen these guys in Nashville yet.  I’ve been looking forward to this show since I ran into this music back in October.  I’ve attached the show flier below along with the players from the previous post.

I don’t know anything about the other bands, so we’re all on our own there.  But, I do know that Best Friend goes on around 8pm.  You can grab $10 presale tickets here, or you can pay $12 at the door at The Muse.  Get out and see some live music on Saturday night!


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