News and Notes, Nashville Edition – mid December

In the Nashville edition of “I need to clean off my desktop and restart my computer”, we have a Nashville City Guide by Diarrhea Planet, JTB’s TDC, and some videos (The Kingston Springs, Vinyl Thief, The Lonely H, and Vitek) from a recent 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge.  Wow, that is even shorter than I thought it was going to be.  Whatever, here we go:

With a name like Diarrhea Planet, I doubt the Economic Development Council is necessarily thrilled about the run down (no pun intended) of Nashville that these local rockers laid out in a recent blog post over at IRR.  They waxed the usual stuff that we all deal with on a daily basis here in Nashville.  Examples include their frequent encounters an overly amorous Nicole Kidman at Whole Foods, the best date spots, their favorite bands (pretty sure they included anyone who has ever played anywhere near anyone from Infinity Cat), their favorite spots (Dino’s, The Villager, The End, Gabby’s, Bolton’s, Springwater, and…. sigh, McDonalds).  Anyway, it’s a funny read, socheck it out.

JEFF the Brotherhood slipped a nip while sipping PBR for their Tiny Desk Concert over at NPR.  Last week, the Tiny Desk Concert for Nashville’s “bogus bros” appeared on the podcast list over here.  It’s well worth your time, though it isn’t worth my time to figure out how to embed that video on here.  (Oh, new web site with easily embeddable videos, when will you be mine).  You can swing over to Nashville Cream to watch this totally enjoyable vid.

Local rockers The Kingston Springs have a new video from the 8 off 8th set they did over at Mercy Lounge back in October.  You remember me talking about that one don’t you?.  TKS sent me a link to this video, and it is cool to see the guys again.  That being said, it is a far cry from seeing them live.  However, if you didn’t make it out to that show, you can check below to see videos from Strange Bird Media for a lot of the line up (Vinyl Thief, The Lonely H, and Vitek) from that night.




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