Pree, The Listening Room, Happy Hour In Nashville

I’m sHiVeRiNg?  At least it is sunny today, so let’s make that a reason to celebrate.  I’ve got just the way to spend your hump day happy hour in Nashville today.

Do you remember me telling you to get to know Pree back in September?  I told you that I would keep an ear to the ground, and let you know when they were coming to Nashville.  Well, today is your day.  Pree is playing a “happy hour” set at The Listening Room today from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.  What’s even better?  It’s FREE!  That’s right, it’s a little present from this DC band for you to celebrate your hump day (*disclaimer* I’m not really sure the band decided to offer the free show, but I like them and will give them credit).

If you want specifics about the band, check out the previous post.  I’ve included the tracks from that previous post below, along with a new video that the band just sent to me which was recorded on the mean streets of Omaha, Nebraska. (*disclaimer* I’ve never been to Omaha, and cannot confirm nor deny any actual “mean-ness” of their streets)

If you stick around afterwards, you can check out the up and coming pop rocker Leah Turner at 6pm.  This should be interesting.

Anyway, I think it is going to be a great show tonight!  Figure out an excuse to leave work a half hour early, and get out to see some live music.

Lemon Tree:

Fresh Paint:


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