New Music Releases for 11/29/11???

Man, we are in the doldrums of holiday shopping, and the pickings for new music releases are SPARSE!  There are again lots of reissues, remasters, and vinyls out today, but I’ve scoured lists and I can’t find anything that I am excited about this week.  Seriously?  Am I getting lazy?  WTF?  There has to be something!

Nashville’s own Happy Little Trees is releasing a 7-inch this weekend, but you probably already knew about that from The Cream yesterday.

I guess it is probably because we are in Best Of 2011 time, and no one wants to get lost in the shuffle.  Unless you are a bad ass like The Black Keys, and then you can just release your record whenever you damn well please. If you didn’t know, their newest release El Camino drops on December 6th.

Speaking of Best of ‘s…., Paste just released their top 50 records of 2011.  Notable Nashville artists included are Those Darlins’ Screws Get Loose at #45 & The Civil Wars Barton Hollow at #17.  We can also include recent Nashville transplant John McCauley’s Deer Tick whose Divine Providence clocked in at #15.  As we were saying above, if you are Nashville transplants The Black Keys, you can release your new album El Camino whenever you want, and it will be included in all sorts of best of lists (#22 in Paste’s) despite not being released until next week!

Let me know if you know of anything that is releasing today that you are excited about.


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