Megafaun, 3rd and Lindsley, Sunday night in Nashville

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I try to take Sundays off.  I need a day to clear my brain, get the fresh slate, and be ready to spend another week listening, writing, emailing, marketing, banging my head against a wall because I don’t know enough about webshit, and just general blabbing.  But, that being said, I still want to tell you about what is going on Sunday night in Nashville!

I know Sunday nights are for family, or football, or sleeping off your hangover, or whatever your vice… but, this is kind of a special occasion.  Megafaun is playing at 3rd and Lindsley!  You might remember me talking about their self-titled record which released back in mid September, and is their fourth release since forming back in 2007.  It’s a great record.  I’ve been following Megafaun since I first learned about Bon Iver back in 2007.  Why would that connection be there?  The Megafaun guys (Joe Westerland and Brad & Phil Cook) and Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) used to play in a band called DeYarmond Edison, before they branched out into their current projects.  Megafaun hasn’t exactly had the same commercial success that we have seen with Bon Iver, but they have a pretty awesome psych-folk sound that is definitely worth you breaking up your Sunday routine to check out!

If you don’t already know them, I have attached a few tracks below to get you acquainted with Megafaun, and you can check out their Daytrotter session.  Things get started around 8pm with opener Bad Axe.  You can grab your $12 tickets here.

It’s a short week, so quit yer bitchin’ about it being Sunday, and get out to see some live music!

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