Lucero, Mercy Lounge, Tonight in Nashville

There’s a lot going on this weekend, and I’ve wondered what would be best to tell you about them.  I chose individual posts despite the fact that it is going to take me longer.  See!  I do love ya!  Regardless, we have a pretty awesome weekend of music going on here in Nashville, and I’m gonna be disappointed if each and every one of you don’t get out to see some of it.

The Memphis boys Lucero are going to bring their version of southern-fried alt-Country music to Mercy Lounge for a two night stand starting Friday night.  Everyone probably already knows about them, and, if you do, feel free to skip right on to the next paragraph.  Ok, is there anyone left reading?  Hello?  Don’t worry I’ll make this brief.  Lucero has their roots in punk music, but joined forces to do the musical equivalent of sticking Jeff Tweedy in the Country Music Hall of Fame for three days with nothing but his guitar and a diet of pulled pork, jelly biscuits, and sweet tea.  Lucero essentially released an album a year between 2001 and 2006, and has been on the road for over 150 shows a year since the first record released.  Their most recent record, 1372 Overton Park, released in 2009 on Universal, and the tour goes on…

So, Friday night’s opener is the Boro’s Glossary, which is not too surprising given that Todd Beene plays in both bands, and they have been linked together for years.  Saturday night’s opener is up & kinda already there Austin Lucas bringing his bluegrassy-ness to the Mercy Lounge.

So, if you feel like having a southernfied good time this weekend, Mercy Lounge is just the spot for you.  Things get going both nights around 9pm, and tickets are $20.  Here are links to Glossary and Austin Lucas.  You can get to know Lucero with their 2009 Daytrotter session, and with the player below.

Get out and see live music!

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