News and Notes – 11/14/11

Chugging along again and needing a reboot.  Here’s the latest edition of news and notes.

The Horrors cover Bowie

I was probably 15 when my uncle gave me a copy of David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars.  It was a hallmark in my appreciation of music.  It was a record that I listened to over and over again.  It was the first time that I began to understand the idea of a “concept album” that was meant to tell a story from start to finish.  And, of course, how could I not get excited everytime I got back around to the high energy sounds of “Suffragette City”.  I recently stumbled upon a really great cover by The Horrors of that very song, and it brought me back to my childhood for a moment… It also made me queue back up the original Bowie record for another listen.  You can read more about the specifics over at one-thirty bpm, and you can check out the video below.




Sigur Ros working on a new record

I’ve talked a lot about Sigur Ros lately as we approach the US release of their live record/DVD, Inni, due out in record stores tomorrow.  Well, according to Stereogum, we can expect a new record from the unofficial ambassadors of Iceland in 2012.  This is pretty big news since Sigur Ros was supposedly on indefinite hiatus.  Hopefully, we can snag a tour out of this new record.  Ryman, oh Ryman, please book them.  I would die a happy man to see Sigur Ros perform in your hallowed halls.


Sufjan Stevens and The Roots

I know.  This sounds like a typo, right.  Well, in a recent interview with Spin, Roots drummer ?uestlove talks about trying to understand music critics (like Spin themselves), and working the concept album idea into hip-hop.  In his research, ?uestlove discovered Sufjan’s Michigan record, and identified the character from the song “Redford” to tell the story about in The Roots upcoming record undun.  They loved the song so much that they covered “Redford” in four parts (one of which includes Sufjan sitting in) to close their upcoming record.  undun releases on December 6th via Island Def Jam, and it is probably worth a listen.


M83 and Zola Jesus: Live from LA

We have recently talked about the new releases from both M83 and Zola Jesus.  Both records have been on pretty heavy rotation over here, and I was excited when I stumbled across a video of Zola Jesus onstage in LA with M83 performing “Intro” from M83’s recent Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming release (Consequence of Sound).  Zola had a vocal cameo on that same song on the record, but those lucky folks in LA got to see it live.  I wish the recording was better, but you can get an idea below.  If you haven’t checked out these records, they’re both worth some of your time.




WU LYF cover Chris Issak

I think I broke my mp3 player, record player, CD player, 8-track player, cassette deck, and radio listening to the debut WU LYF record. This past week, I stumbled upon a video of them performing Chris Isaak’s 1989 hit song “Wicked Game” in London.  This isn’t the first remix rodeo for “Wicked Game”.  Remember when we talked about Washed Out covering the same song not too long ago?  Again, it’s a pretty crappy recording.  Check out the original article at Some Kind of Awesome, and the video is below.  Don’t judge WU LYF by this.  You really should check out their record, if you haven’t already.




New Massive Attack record?

Massive Attack recently dropped a recording called “11-11-11 demo” on their Facebook page.  Is this the framework for a new song or record?  Have a listen below, and you can check out the original article at one-thirty bpm.

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