Sigur Ros “Inni” premiers tonight in Nashville at The Belcourt Theater

I’ve talked a lot about Sigur Ros on this blog because I freaking love them.  I’ve seen them twice and both shows are in my top 5 of all time.  So, it is no surprise that I would tell you to go see them live on the silver screen this week in Nashville.

Inni is the well-hyped “movie” that is composed of clipped up performances from Sigur Ros’ last tour.  As you may or may not know, the band is on a hiatus (that better end at some point soon), so this is your only chance to see them right now.  We’ve talked quite a bit about the pre-hype of Inni.  We’ve had teaser trailers, promo trailers, and pre-orders for the DVD and record set (the videos are linked below).

I’m not going to wear you out with another long post about them, so check out the previous posts above, watch the promo stuff below, and get out to see this “movie” this week.  It starts tonight, and plays every night at 9:45 through Thursday.  This is probably the only time that this blog will tell you to go see a movie, so you know it must be worth your time.

You can get tickets here.  Get out and see a movie of some live music!


Teaser Trailer for Inni



“Klippa” promo video for Inni




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