Trombone Shorty, Mercy Lounge, Tonight in Nashville

When I was in college in New Orleans, we scheduled classes around music.  For instance, the Rebirth Brass Band played every Tuesday night at The Maple Leaf, and you had your choice of weekly Kermit Ruffins’ shows at either Donna’s (on Monday) or Vaughn’s (on Thursday).  You might think I am joking about this, but it was serious business for us partying college kids in New Orleans.  So serious, that I just found a copy of my college transcripts, and realized that I might have taken it a little too seriously.  It’s funny that at the time I thought, “I did it… I graduated!”, and 15 years later I think, “Man, I should have taken that expensive college education a little more seriously.”  Oh well, I am now a world-renowned blogger (ha, ha), so it seems like it all paid off.  So, let me tell you what you should do tonight in Nashville.

Do you watch HBO’s Treme? If so, you already have an idea of what to expect from Trombone Shorty’s show at the Mercy Lounge.  Brass bands and funk music are a way of life in New Orleans, and Trombone Shorty (aka Troy Andrews) is the current face of New Orleans music.  Growing up in New Orleans from a family steeped in music tradition, Troy has been playing since he was 6 years old, so it is not surprising that he was at the forefront of musicians trying to help the city after Hurricane Katrina.  It didn’t hurt that he has garnered some national recognition while performing with Lenny Kravitz (also strongly tied to New Orleans), Green Day, Dave Matthews, Jeff Beck, and U2, and contributing to recent releases by Kravitz, Eric Clapton, Galactic, and Dr. John.

I could go on and on with my love for New Orleans, and the music that holds such a special place in my heart.  But, I would prefer to let you see for yourself.  Trombone Shorty is playing at the Mercy Lounge tonight.  You can grab your tickets here.  Things get started around 9pm with Kids These Days.  I’ve included a player below with some sizzlin’ tracks (though admittedly these don’t hold a candle to a live funk show).  You can get somewhat more of a feel by checking out this NPR Tiny Desk Concert, but, still, funky brass bands are something to behold in person.  Get out and see some live music tonight.

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