Lovedrug & Vinyl Thief, 12th and Porter, Saturday In Nashville

Do you remember us talking about that local electro-rock outfit, Vinyl Thief?  In local release news, Vinyl Thief has released their first new single since their 2010 Control EP.  If you want it, I’m sure the band will give it to you too over at their website.  It’ll give you a little bit of new material to listen to before you see them play at 12th and Porter on October 15th.

Vinyl Thief will be opening for the Canton, Ohio based band (and Nashville regulars) Lovedrug.  Lovedrug is the brainchild of rocker-turned actor-turned rocker, Michael Shepard.  Supposedly, the name refers to Shepard being “drug” out of acting school and back to his first “love” of music.  Shepard and his band have gotten significant airplay on MTV (back when they played music) and college radio stations (back when those things even existed) from their 9 EPs and 3 LPs.  Tours supporting the likes of The Killers, Robert Plant, Kings of Leon, Nine Inch Nails, Silversun Pickups, & Eagles of Death Metal didn’t hurt either.  They recently released the first two singles off of their upcoming LP, along with a video that was featured by Filter Magazine.  The video was directed by Shepard, and for some reason reminds me of an all-girl version of Spike Jonze’s “The Suburbs”.  I attached the video below, so you can decide for yourself.

Anyway, it should be a fun show in the intimate confines of 12th and Porter.  You can get your tickets here.  The party gets started with Nashville’s Modoc at 8:30.

P.S.  I know that it is “dragged” and not “drug”, but it is my blog, and I’ll take what ever editorial liberties I want with the creation of preterites for my purpose.  Thanks.


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