New Music Releases 10/11/11

I’ll be honest.  There isn’t very much that I am really excited about this week, but you can take a look at a few things that could be interesting.  Feel free to let me know if you think I’ve missed something awesome.  Maybe you can help me find some new music to be excited about this week.  Here’s my list of new music releases that I think might be worth a bit of your time.

Andrew Bird – Norman [soundtrack]
Ben Lee – Deeper Into Dream
Deerhoof [w. Jeff Tweedy]/Raccoonists – Behold A Raccoon In The Darkness (split 7″)
Extra Arms – In Parallel
Future Islands – On The Water
Glossary – Long Live All Of Us
Gross Magic – Teen Jamz
Icebird – The Abandoned Lullaby
Library Voices – Summer of Lust
Look Mexico – Real Americans Spear It
Murs – Love & Rockets, Vol. 1: The Transformation
Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567
The Rifles – Freedom Run
Spectrals – Get A Grip (7″)
Sun Hotel – Gifts
TW Walsh – Songs of Pain and Leisure

I’m not really a huge James Blake fan, but he dropped a “stripped down” EP this week called Enough Thunder that you might want to check out as well.


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