Grouplove, Mercy Lounge, Tonight In Nashville

Sorry to do this to you fine folks, but I am running out of time today.  So, I am going to give you a bare-bones run down of a show that you should see tonight in Nashville!  I mean, no one really cares about me just jabbering on anyway, right?  You just wanna hear some tunes, and know where to go.  So, that’s what I’m gonna give ya.

Go see Grouplove tonight.  Spin Magazine likes them.  So do music festivals like SXSW (video below), Lollapalooza (Rolling Stone review), and Outside Lands (photos of that gorgeous day).  I’ve included a few tracks in a player below.

They are playing tonight at Mercy Lounge.  Things get going around 9pm, and you can grab your tickets here.



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