Dreamers Of The Ghetto, Grimeys, Tonight in Nashville

Ok, maybe this one should be called “This Evening In Nashville”.  I mean, really, if you go to a short set that starts at 6pm, you are going to go out for dinner and probably a couple of drinks before you even head out for the night.

Regardless, you should swing by Grimey’s this evening to check out Dreamers Of The Ghetto.  This Bloomington, Indiana “family” band is composed of a set of brothers and a wife that all live together, and a good friend on the drums.  They decided to live together to have more time to work on music together, and it sounds like it has worked for them.  They’ve signed a two-record deal with Temporary Residence, and released their debut LP, Enemy/Lover, this week.

I’m going to stop rambling, because I found a video where they explain their passion themselves.  I’ve attached that video below, as well as, a couple of other tracks.  I think you will like what you hear.  So, head out to Grimey’s a little early to pick up their debut LP, and you’ll get to grab a cold one because Grimey’s helps you celebrate Beer:30 if you are over 21.

After dinner and stuff, you should head over to Mercy Lounge to continue your night out with Bobby Bare Jr., Tristen, and Ponychase.  Have fun tonight, Nashville.

[youtube_sc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuld8lc-QgU&w=560&h=315]

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