Listen to Jack White cover Hank Williams

As part of a tribute album that releases tomorrow, Jack White will be covering the ol’ beer drenched Nashville star along with numerous other stars. You can have a listen to Jack White covering “You Know That I Know” over at Rolling Stone.

The album is called The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams, and the track listing is as follows:

Alan Jackson “You’ve Been Lonesome, Too”
Bob Dylan “The Love That Faded”
Norah Jones “How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?”
Jack White “You Know That I Know”
Lucinda Williams “I’m So Happy I Found You”
Vince Gill and Rodney Crowell “I Hope You Shed a Million Tears”
Patty Loveless “You’re Through Fooling Me”
Levon Helm “You’ll Never Again Be Mine”
Holly Williams “Blue Is My Heart”
Jakob Dylan “Oh, Mama, Come Home”
Sheryl Crow “Angel Mine”
Merle Haggard “The Sermon on the Mount”

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