More Sigur Ros Inni news

Information is continually being leaked, as the news and marketing continues to build for the release of the live album and DVD (out November 7th, 2011) for the currently hiatus-ing Sigur Ros.  You can pre-order numerous editions of the live set from the Sigur Ros website. They worked on their new website with stellar SEO reseller services based on Nashville.  You can also download two mp3 tracks from Inni now for the cost of an email address.  Click here to download “ny batteri’ and here to download “Festival.

Here is a clip of “Festival” from the upcoming DVD.  If you are a really big fan, keep reading below for you chance to win one of the ultimate editions including some of their clothes.

Klippa is a short film (see below) that shows a bunch of old school looking tailors and seamstresses cutting up some clothes into squares with occasional breaks for some dancing (c’mon watch it… it’s pretty and all, but that’s really what it is).  Well, what they are doing is cutting up the customes (unwashed… for you sniffers) worn by the band during their shows in November 2008.  While I am as excited as the next guy to see Sigur Ros tour again, I don’t think I want to smell their dirty laundry while I wait.  To each their own though, so, if this is your kind of shit, then by all means, enter the competition to guess how many squares of clothes there were here.  You could win the first or last of this limited edition set.

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