Pink Floyd week on Jimmy Fallon, Day 1 is The Shins

Late night’s Jimmy Fallon is hosting a series of artists this week to perform covers of Pink Floyd songs.  I guess he thinks anyone that is up watching his show is likely stoned, and he wants to see if he can get a nation of stoned spirit-fingers going on the couches of America (or more likely he is promoting this week’s release of the remastered Pink Floyd box set)  Regardless, it’s a chance to see some pretty big names do Pink Floyd covers.

The Shins kicked it off last night with “Breathe”.  Tuesday is Foo Fighters with Roger Waters (which is kinda cheating in this little karaoke contest) performing “In The Flesh”.  MGMT takes over on Wednesday with their take on “Lucifer Sam”.  Thursday, it’s one of them Nashville country fellars, Dierks Bentley doing “Wish You Were Here”.  The finale will be Pearl Jam’s take of “Mother” on Friday.

Looks like all you stoners have a pretty cool week of music lined up from your cheetos covered couches this week.  Assuming, that is, you don’t forget.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video on this page, so you will have to click here to see The Shins perform “Breathe”.  I’ll repost this each day with updated links to each…. assuming, that is, I don’t forget.

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