Diarrhea Planet Record Release Party, The End, Tonight in Nashville

It’s hard to write about these guys over coffee.  Their name is funny at night after a few beers, but it just doesn’t sit as well with coffee.  Regardless, they are all over the Nashville independent music scene these days, and therefore, I will disregard the stirring images in my head and press on.

Punk music was born in the 70’s with do-it-yourself musicians flipping off the system, and creating a style of music that carried the passion that these performers felt.  Early pioneers include the now-iconic Sex Pistols, Ramones, and The Clash.  Of course, the music establishment continued to lasso the punk into something that they can sell,….. and, say hello to today’s alternative music.  Well, as with most things in free society, you can only keep them down for so long…. and the punk scene lives on today.  The avant-guard revolution continues with sounds that you may not immediately associate with 70’s punk, but maintains that yearning to rock the fuck out to keep the proverbial dick hard.

The music scene in Nashville is littered with bands that are categorized as proto punk, indie punk, garage punk, etc.  You’ve probably heard names like JEFF The Brotherhood, Heavy Cream, D. Watusi, PUJOL, Natural Child, Cy Barkley, and the aforementioned Diarrhea Planet (DP).  Notice a common Infinity Cat Records theme here?  These guys run like wolves through the Nashville venues with their pack devotedly following at most all of these fun raucous shows.  Every one that I’ve been to has been a great night out… just saying.

So, it’s SoundLand week in Nashville, and you might ask, “how should I warm up for an event of this magnitude?”  Drink a ton of water over the next couple of days, stretch, and get out and support a bunch of local musicians tonight at The End.  DP is having a record release party tonight to celebrate the release of Loose Jewels.  Also, there will also be performances by Evan P. Donohue (remember him from a couple of days ago & he will be at SoundLand on Saturday at Mercy Lounge), D. Watusi, & Spanish Candles.  The show starts at 9pm, and tickets are only $5.  If you are still on the fence about SoundLand and dig what you see tonight, you can just keep rocking it with great shows like this on Wednesday and Thursday without any SoundLand oversight.

I’ve attached DP’s bandcamp player with their past EP and the video for “Ice Age” off the new record.  Congrats DP!  I’m stoked to spend more time with that new record!



[youtube_sc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDNHL_jN_ro&w=560&h=315]

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