Saturday news and notes

I’m taking the weekend to catch up on stuff…. and to relax and watch football….. and to revel in how awesome Papa, Nobunny, and Girls were last night.  But, I wouldn’t want to leave you guys hanging with nothing to do.  So, I’ll let you look through some of the stuff that is sitting on my desk. Have a great weekend, and rest up for Soundland next week!

Daytrotter kicks ass…

Unknown Mortal Orchestra dropped their first daytrotter session this week.  They are the product of New Zealand’s Ruban Nielson (currently living in Portland).  It’s a fuzzy psychedelic pop sound that has been heavily blogged about since they hit the scene in 2010.  “Ffunny Ffriends” is the first single that dropped from their self-titled debut.  You can hear it below.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Ffunny Ffriends”

Trash or Keeper, you decide…

Mister Loveless was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Walnut Creek, in 2003.  Since their formation, they’ve released an album, two EPs, a 7-inch, and are prepping to release their latest album, Grow Up.  They’ve had an impressive live career, opening up for Black Francis, The Wedding Present and in October they’re opening up for Peter Bjorn and John at San Francisco’s Popscene.  These guys have been hustling hard for the past 8 years and the buzz is growing to a point that seems to be paying off.  One review I read said, “Luckily their music doesn’t exclude anybody, so there aren’t any limitations for these guys.”  Well, I’ve listened to this quite a bit, and sometimes it excludes me and sometimes it doesn’t.  You decide for yourself.


Moving along….

Nashville Cream is reporting that Betty’s Bar and Grill will turn into a run down dive bar starting tomorrow.  You can enjoy the last night of it being a progressive music spot tonight with performances by R. Stevie Moore and Action!  Also, we’ll be on the lookout for where Leslie Keffer will land, as a new awesome venue might appear soon.

Pictures, pictures, pictures….

Lots of great pictures and a typically awesome write up from The Cream about the Raconteurs & JEFF show.

The band that would be fun to write up this weekend, but I don’t have the time to write up this weekend….

Swans at Mercy Lounge – Saturday, 9/17, 8pm.


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