By Lightning, Mercy Lounge, Tonight in Nashville

It’s high time that I started getting us all familiar with Soundland bands, and a free show tonight is just as good of a reason as any to start that.  So, without further ado, let me tell you what you should do tonight in Nashville!

Have you heard of By Lightning?  Have you seen them?  Well, that’s not surprising because they only formed in June of this year, and their first album, Sand Down The Edges, is not out yet (but will be available soon through their website).  By Lightning is a collection of members of De Novo Dahl, Dixie Dirt, & Hands Down Eugene.  The players are Joel Dahl, Kat Brock, Stanton Adcock, Serai Zaffiro, Jerry Pentecost, Matt Moody & Rod Kelly.  I’ve been hearing buzz about these guys for a little while, but just got the chance to listen to their music over the past few days.  From what I have heard of their studio stuff, the lyrical styles remind me of a slightly more distortion-laced and undisguised take on the vocal harmonization of acts like The Rosebuds or Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, while the musicianship is just solid rock and roll.  I have attached a couple of links of them performing live.  “Take A Rest On Me” has some great, playful raucous energy, while “City” pretty well nails that just plain pretty sound that I was talking about in the studio album.

Maybe we should all find out exactly what they are like live, we can check them out together tonight at the Mercy Lounge for FREE (yeah, that’s right, FOR FREE!).  The lineup for the night includes openers Hannah Miller & Brian Ritchey followed by Matthew Ryan (it’s his CD release party).  By Lightning will close out the night with their set starting around 10:45pm.  This will be a good warmup for By Lightning’s Soundland set, where they will be opening the festivities at the Mercy Lounge stage on September 23rd at 8pm sharp for a bill that also includes Keegan DeWitt, Madi Diaz, and The Silver Seas.

Check out the music player below to see what your going to see tonight in Nashville.  Get out there and see some local live music.




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