Is Kreayshawn part of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All?

Ok, I set up No Country For New Nashville to be a Nashville-based independent music site that promotes bands that I am excited about coming through town and local acts that are working their way up the ranks.  But, sometimes, I just think something is catchy or whatever, and I throw up a post about it.  That was the case when I posted months ago about the insanely addictive song “Gucci, Gucci” by Kreayshawn.  Believe it or not, that post is by far the most viewed post of anything that I have ever written, and it is the most common search engine term that brings people here.  All for one little post?!?!  I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, when I first linked folks to the “Gucci, Gucci” YouTube video there were just a couple thousand views, and today it is clocking in at just over 16 million views.

Anyway, back to our story…. the search engine terms that led people to NCFNN typically ask “Is Kreayshawn Wolf Gang” or “Kreayshawn = Wolf Gang” or “Kreayshawn OFWGKTA”.  For those that don’t know, OFWGKTA is MTV VMA award winner Tyler, The Creator and a bunch of his super creative pals who are collectively known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

So, is Kreayshawn part of OFWGKTA?  I made some silly remark about Kreayshawn becoming the Fergie to the OFWGKTA’s Black Eyed Peas in my previous post, but I was just playing around.  I have never heard in the media that Kreayshawn was associated with OFWGKTA.  I always thought the release of Tyler’s Goblin and Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci was sheer coincidence.  And, I knew that Kreayshawn was from Oakland, while OFWGKTA are from LA.  So, then I watched the video again (just for the sheer enjoyment because, did I say already, it is awesome and addictive), and I noticed wait… that’s Hodgy and Jasper from OFWGKTA!

So, I started doing some research for you guys (read: I sent an email to Kreayshawn’s management), and, 10 minutes later, here is what they had to say….

No, Kreayshawn is not a member of OF. She’s homies with most them and they run around in similar circles in LA b/c they’re in similar scenes (she moved from Oakland to LA several months ago.) Yes, you’re right – the release of Tyler’s album and “Gucci” was a total coincidence but ended up being a good look.

She literally ran into Hodgy and Jasper on Fairfax while shooting the “Gucci” video and asked if they wanted to hop in the video so they did. That’s how it all came together. Pretty random but awesome.

So, it looks like we have solved this mystery, and, as a reward to myself, I’m gonna watch the “Gucci, Gucci” video again and have a listen to her new track, “Rich Whores”.  Both are below, and you can download “Rich Whores” for the cost of an email address from Kreayshawn’s website.

Rich Whores




  1. Looks like Left Brain made the video as well…

  2. Actually, people think she’s in OFWGKTA because in her tags to “Gucci Gucci ” one of them is Odd Future

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  4. She is in OF because she has a OF tattoo


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