Listen to Jamie XX’s Two Hour BBC Radio Set

Jamie XX (the drummer and producer of the band XX) is becoming quite the celebrity with his solo DJ work.  The first track of his that I heard was the mesmerizing remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “New York Is Killing Me” earlier this year.  Well, over the weekend, Jamie XX took over BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix program, and ripped out a full two hour set for those of you that dig on the electronic remix thing.

I have a link below to the “New York Is Killing Me” remix, as well as, the entire two hour Essential Mix set via SoundCloud.  If you want a track listing for the Essential Mix set, Daily Swarm breaks it all down for you.

“New York Is Killing Me” – Gil Scott Heron (Jamie XX remix)


BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix with Jamie XX


  1. This set is rad! It’s making work go much more smoothly this afternoon.

    Matt, have you ever caught the xx or Jamie XX live? I saw the xx at the Big Ears festival in Knoxville last year, and it was cinematic. Here’s a short cameraphone vid I found of the performance to give you an idea:

    • Thanks for the clip Wes. I saw the XX in San Francisco last summer. Cinematic is a good adjective. I’ll have to keep that one on file.

      I have seen a few crowd vid clips, but it is so hard for little cell phone mics to record all of that low end. Here is a decent one from the show I saw.

      Hope all is well, man.


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