Get to know: PS I Love You

Wasn’t this the name of some romantic comedy film?  It was definitely the name of a catchy early pop song by The Beatles.  It is also included in the name of South Park’s (Rick Rubin produced & Isaac Hayes sung) classic, “Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)”.  None of this is necessarily conjuring thoughts of why this is a band you should get to know…  Give it a chance, I think you’ll be surprised.

PS, I Love You is a Canadian rock band out of Kingston, Ontario consisting of Paul Saulnier on vocals & guitar and Benjamin Nelson on drums.  It is a revved up, boisterous rock that hits you hard.  It’s raw with a building momentum that hooks you throughout.  The same building momentum leaves you with a feeling of layered music though it is only a two man set up.  It’s a mixture of guitar effects raining over a frenetic drumbeat that kinda keeps you guessing throughout the album.  Maybe this is because I’ve only been through the album a few times, but, apparently, I’m not the only one feeling this way.  Pitchfork reviewed the 2010 debut LP, Meet Me At The Muster Station (via Paper Bag Records), with a more than favorable (by Pitchfork standards) 8.1 rating, and gave the track “Facelove” received a Best New Music tag.  They were even nominated for a Polaris Prize for the best Canadian rock act this year, which isn’t too bad considering they were up against Arcade Fire’s Grammy Award winning Album of the Year.

I wish this could be a “tonight in nashville” post…. the boys are touring, but they aren’t coming any closer than Atlanta or Birmingham.  Hopefully, another tour will be in the works later this fall or this winter, and we’ll get a chance to see them in a local venue.  In the meantime, I highly suggest heading over to your local record store to pick up a copy of Meet Me At Muster Station, because this is a band you should get to know.

I’ve attached a few tracks below, and fun Canadian high school party video to get you acquainted.

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