Sigur Ros’ “Inni” film

I got the email yesterday, as, surely, lots of other folks did as well.  It was from Sigur Ros, and it only contained a clip to some sort of teaser video called “Inni”.  I don’t know what it is, but I freaking love Sigur Ros, so I decided to look into it a little deeper.

Obviously, lots of folks love Sigur Ros, including Pitchfork, so I didn’t have to dig too far.  They are reporting (via Indiewire’s, The Playlist) that this is a teaser trailer for a movie that they are planning to unveil at Venice Days, which is a part of the Venice Film Festival.

It’s a pretty cool teaser.  Check it out below.  And, really, if Sigur Ros is playing anywhere near Nashville (i’m talking road trip justified), go see them.  You can thank me after.


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