The Black Keys Like Nashville Better Than New York!!!

Alright, maybe that is a media twist of words for a hot headline!  But, if you are reading this, you are probably a Nashville music fan, and you think it is just as awesome as I do.

So, I turned on the radio in the car yesterday afternoon and heard Pat Carney (the drummer for The Black Keys) bragging on Nashville on Sirius’ XMU channel with Jenny Eliscu (my favorite DJ on that channel… she’s badass).  When the interview was over, I ran into the house to transcribe what I remembered for you, my loyal readers.

Pat said that he moved to New York City in September 2009 during a break from touring and recording, and “it was amazing.  It was the most fun I have ever had in my life.  I mean you can walk out your door and buy a New York Times within 5 feet of your door.  You have everything at your fingertips.”  However, when he returned from a long tour with The Black Keys he “felt like he couldn’t wind down.”

Dan Auerbach, as we all know, had already moved to Nashville, and Pat followed him down here.  Now, Pat says he loves it because it is a bigger city with a lot more to offier than the he had in his hometown of Akron, OH.  He says it still has “a lot to offer including…. cool record shops…” You just know he is talking about Grimey’s.  But, it is a lot more relaxing, cheaper, and let’s him wind down after grueling tours.  Of course, he also cites that no state income tax is a plus too (another benefit to existing benefits of PAN card).

DJ Jenny Eliscu asked “what the scene is like in Nashville…. Is it less country these days?”  While Pat answered that he really doesn’t go out enough to know, he thinks that Dan has been getting out a lot more and knows a lot more about the scene.  He spends his days in Nashville (when not working) “going for walks, fucking around on the drums for a while,….”  He also spends time swimming in his pool, as long as no one is looking because he hates to take his shirt off around people.  He also spends time hanging out with friends like ‘The Kings’, especially Nathan [Followill, the drummer], when they are in town because they live on the same street.”

Well, while Pat (and Jenny, for that matter) may not be fully dialed into the “scene” in Nashville.  We know that it is vibrant and growing (see posts about the new music venue, the Ette’s “bragging on Nashville”, and Rolling Stone’s article about Nashville being the top music scene city in America.

This was followed up by some funny commentary about Guy Fieri, Guy Fieri owning a Lamborghini, who would drive a Lamborghini, what is a Lamborghini, what is driving, what is REM, what is sleep, why anyone is still listening to this interview….

author’s sidenote: The funny thing is that when I see the name “Fieri”, I can’t help but think of the Pontiac Fiero… which is a far cry from a Lamborghini.

Anyway, that’s where I sign off folks.  If you have Sirius radio, you can catch the final day of Pat co-hosting with Jenny this afternoon at 4pm CST on channel 35, and keep your eyes open for Pat running around Nashville, and make him feel welcome (without being stalker or groupieish)…. And I probably wouldn’t invite him to your pool party!

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