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Tonight in Nashville…..

We get a lot of requests, friendings, followings, and emails wanting a post about up and coming bands from all over the country.  Some of the bands are good, but there isn’t a real Nashville connection….. and there is so much other stuff to write about.  Some of them are not the kind of music we listen to, but…. keep on living your dream, man.  Some of them, though, you listen to, and your head nods like those little avatars in a room…. and, now you have something to do tonight in Nashville.

Vinyl Thief is a Nashville based electro-rock outfit who has been permeating the local music scene with amazing live shows around the city.  Their 2010 EP Control is a mixture of musical styles that you know, but it has a texture that you might not.  There is something in there that makes you keep listening and exploring.  The vocals remind of a young Thom Yorke and the four remaining pieces produce a harmonious struggle for airspace.  The crazy thing…. I’m saying all this, and I’ve never seen them live.  But, based on some reviews I’ve read…. that’s where the magic really happens.

It’s rare to see a small band make such use of the stage with confidence, but Vinyl Thief held little back, working their way around a clutter of keys and drums as they textured rock, pop, dance, and just plain noise with sometimes not so much finesse, but enough exuburance and stage presence to compensate.

-The Deli, Music Magazine and Website

There’s a player below with the full EP, and you can buy a copy for yourself over at Vinyl Thief’s website.  Check out a pretty cool acoustic version of “Lights & Waves” that has video production reminiscent of one of those great Blogotheque videos.  But, really you should click here to get tickets and head out to Exit/In to see Vinyl Thief tonight.  Get out and see some live music!


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  1. Hey Matt! Thank you so much for the kind words. We truly appreciate all of your support.


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