Get to know: Beaten Awake

I just found a new band thanks to a tweet from The Black Key’s drummer, Patrick Carney.

Beaten Awake is an Ohio band who was coming up around the same time and place as Ohio-to-Nashville superstars The Black Keys.  It’s not hard to imagine that these guys spent some time listening to records together, because you can hear some of the same influences in these two Ohio bands.  While they have been around since the 90’s, they apparently slipped under the radar until Carney’s Audio Eagle Records recorded their first LP Let’s Get Simplified in 2006.  Audio Eagle has since closed down, and Beaten Awake is now signed to Fat Possum Records (also the label for The Black Keys’ 2003 Thickfreakness and 2004 Rubber Factory).  Beaten Awake recorded two albums in 2009 with Fat Possum, Coming Home and Thunder$troke.

Now’s your chance to get to know Beaten Awake on the cheap.  You can download the entire album Let’s Get Simplified using Patrick’s tweeted mediafire link.  You can also listen to the newest LP, Thunder$troke, using the grooveshark player below.  Then you can head to your local record store, and buy these albums.

I’m impressed.  Thanks Patrick.

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