Trigger Hippy, The Basement, Tonight in Nashville

Tonight in Nashville, WHOA!!!!

Do you know about Trigger Hippy?  No, not that Morcheeba song (“Trigger Hippie”) that you cheesed out to back in the day.  I’m talking about the “super”group that teased in 2009, and has since resurfaced with new recruits Joan Osbourne and Jackie Greene.  The band’s founding members are ex-Black Crowes (and Stereophonics) drummer Steve Gorman, ex-Black Crowes guitarist Audrey Freed, & bassist Nick Govrik.  Jimmy Herring was also a founding member, but he quit to focus on Widespread Panic.

While I have been out of the jam band scene for, I dunno, 5 or 6 or 7 (or how much did I party back then??) years, I do know that this is a little more than I am capable of passing up.  Especially to see this group of talent together in the intimate confines of The Basement for only $15.

This is only the fourth show that this group has performed together, and there aren’t any albums out to know exactly what we are in store for.  We can surely expect it to be some good Southern-fried rock n’ roll.  So, we’re all ears on Saturday night starting at 9pm.

I did snag a YouTube clip from one of the first shows on the current little Trigger Hippy tour that should give you an idea of what we can expect.

Get out and see some live music.


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