Delicate Steve, The Basement, July 22

Delicate Steve (a.k.a. Steve Marion) is an enigma who is described in his press release as a 40 piece multi-instumentalist, who sounds like My Bloody Valentine without the guitars, and is destined to be a wordless, new jersey, U2.  NPR did a great story about unraveling the truly hysterical and totally fake press release (it is at the bottom of that NPR link above), that is well worth your lunch time or coffee reading.

So, we don’t really know too much about Delicate Steve.  I think he is from New Jersey.  I think he self recorded his only LP, Wondervisions.  I think he brought in four of his friends to tour with.

I do know that the press release got some record jockey somewhere to play the record, and I ultimately bought this record.  Should I pissed about that?  Maybe, but it’s all cool because I like the record (I would probably have a different rant otherwise).  So, would I describe it as a wordless, New Jersey, U2?  Probably not without a gun to my head.  But, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a good time out.  It’s a good instrumental rock album.

Head out to The Basement on Friday, July 22nd to see what you think.  Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 9pm.

There are a few tracks below and a video for the track “Butterfly” below.

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