Two Previously Unreleased White Stripes Tracks

Two previously unreleased White Stripes tracks were posted on the internet today.  The songs are White Stripes covers of Love’s “Signed D.C.” and Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You For Too Long”.  The 7″ is available for purchase to vault members over at Third Man Records.  You can read some simple reviews about the covers at places like Some Kind Of Awesome and Stereogum.

It’s just too bad that I can’t see The White Stripes perform live.  They were the band that I would give my right (anatomically important reproductive man part) to see live, but I guess I am going to have to hold onto that huevo for a while longer.  RIP White Stripes.

I snagged the cover tracks off of YouTube for you below.

Signed DC


I’ve Been Loving You For Too Long


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