Freelance Whales – Bonnaroo Review

It’s like Sufjan Stevens met Ben Gibbard in his Postal Service days, and their love child was born as Freelance Whales.  The New York based band was awesome at Bonnaroo.  They took to the Sonic Stage on Friday (6/10) at 4:45pm, and played That Tent on Thursday (6/9) at 5:30pm.  The set times were fitting as the uncompromisingly happy music seemed to signify the slight (and very welcomed) evening temperature drop.  Their album Weathervanes has received mixed reviews, but I’ll tell you that if they are coming through town…. it’s going to be fun night out.  I’ll keep an eye out for their next tour, and let you know if it includes a swing through Nashville.

I found a couple of videos from the Bonnaroo set which are posted below.  There are also a couple of videos and stuff that you can check out from a Laundromatinee session that they recently did.

Generator First Floor






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