Deerhunter live – Bonnaroo Preview?

Ok, this isn’t really in the Bonnaroo Preview series that we have been doing, but, in the days leading up to Bonnaroo how could a little extra music hurt.

Deerhunter is the live show tour-de-force brainchild of indie rock mastermind Bradford Cox.  They are playing Bonnaroo on Thursday (6/9) from 11:30 pm to 12:45 am at That Tent.

While you are continuing to whiddle down your schedule for this year’s fest, I want to throw some more food for thought into the mix with a live streaming performance that is streaming over at Rhapsody from a March 18 2011 show at Austin’s Club Deville.  I’ve seen Deerhunter (and Bradford’s side project Atlas Sound), and it is freaking amazing.  If you haven’t seen Bradford and Co. before, this is a must see for you!

For more information on Bradford and Deerhunter, you can check out the Deerhunter page over at the Bonnaroo website, or you can go over to Pitchfork to read the post they included when breaking this story.

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