Wavves – Bonnaroo Preview

San Diego’s Nathan Williams started his brand of lo-fi, indie punk behind his parents house, and it was there that Wavves was born.  Wavves released (confusingly) self-titled albums in both 2008 and 2009.  These albums received pretty good critical acclaim, and started raising the stakes for Wavves.  But, what goes up… must come down, and it seemed as though it went through the floor after the Primavera Festival meltdown that caused him to cancel his European tour (that video makes me cringe).

Now, after Nathan’s probably lengthy talk with himself about his bad attitude, Wavves is back with a force.  Working with Fat Possum Records, he joined up with the late Jay Reatard’s band (bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes) to, quite frankly, save the shit show.  They also headed down to Sweet Tea Recordings in Mississippi where Dennis Herring (producer of the last two Modest Mouse records) pulled their ultra lo-fi sound out, and turned it into more of an agreeable noise rock for their most recent release, King Of The Beach.  Wavves is on their way back to the top, let’s just hope ecstacy and valium fueled performances don’t send him plummeting again.

Wavves is finishing up a tour with dates in the States, Australia, Japan, and Europe (not Spain though) with a performance at this year’s Bonnaroo festival at This Tent on Thursday (6/9) from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.  It’s worth checking out.  You never know what will happen.

A couple of songs from the self-titled lo-fi sound and a couple of tracks from the awesome King Of The Beach record.

Wavves from Wavves

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Vermin from Wavves

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Three songs from King of the Beach


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