Tristen and Holly Golightly at The End (5/28)

Rising Nashville starlet Tristen is getting a lot of press these days, from a review by NPR, a slot in this year’s Bonnaroo festival, and a mention by Spin Magazine as one of the 25 “must-hear” acts at Bonnaroo, and now a gig with 20 year veteran, Holly Golightly.  Her new album, Charlatans at the Garden Gate is garnering rave reviews.  We get another chance to hang out with the Nashville gal at The End this weekend with another indie star Holly Golightly.  We’ve already discussed Tristen a bit already in our Bonnaroo preview series (Click Here To Read).

So, let’s focus a bit on Holly Golightly.  Born in England as Holly Golightly Smith (her mom was obviously a big Truman Capote fan), this songstress, with her partner in love and music “Lawyer” Dave Drake, now lives in rural northeast Georgia.  She claims it helps her to feel at home, and it surely gives her the space to create the music that has given her international success and an impressive record catalogue.  Her 50’s R&B and folk sounds evoke dusty bar-room floors and friends singing after one too many pints.  Probably the most amazing thing about her sound is it is hard to tell if the record is from this year or 50 years ago.  Her most recent album, No Help Coming, is the fourth album with “The Brokeoffs”, and it was released in April 2011 on Transdreamer Records.  You can listen to a couple of licks from Holly and Co. below, and you can get your tickets for the show HERE.

Cover of Bill Wither’s Use Me (from God Don’t Like It, 2000)


No Help Coming (from No Help Coming, 2011)

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