The Generationals at The Basement – 5/21

It was ‘judgement day”, I had spent all week in front of a computer.  In the event that all hell did break loose, I didn’t want to be in front of a Macbook when it happened.  So, I didn’t give much pre-game attention to The Generationals (the openers for Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr) on Saturday night at The Basement.  Well, I guess that left me a serendipitous present Saturday night.  These guys were great.  I mean, really great.  Great to the point that my girlfriend, who is pretty sick of me sitting in front of a computer blogging all day, said, “You are going to have to write something awesome about these guys.  They are amazing.”  Well, guys, I think that is probably the best compliment that could be given, especially since she is just getting introduced to a lot of the indie music that I spend my days thinking about.

The guys are really into their music, and have played with a number of other bands around the country recently.  I was able to chat with a few of them after their set.  We discussed the difficulties of being an independent alternative act out of the funk and jazz dominated New Orleans.  It offers up a striking comparison to the difficulties that we face here in country music dominated Nashville as well.  I have spent the last two days trying to create a comparison for music fans out there (the best I can come up with is a slightly more raw, less poppy Vampire Weekend), but I can’t find any true correlations.  I guess that is a compliment, as well.  While the formula that you are using isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, the songs are fresh, energetic, and fun.  The best of luck to you guys.

Check their website, if you want more information on tour dates, to check out a bit of the music, or to buy their albums.

Here is a link to the video for Ten-Twenty-Ten.

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