Is Kreayshawn…

…. a female, LA version of Das Racist?  Or just a one hit wonder?  Or is there a difference?  Or maybe she will join Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All in a couple of years to revamp the sound (a la Fergie & The Black Eyed Peas).

Das Racist burst on the scene a couple of years ago with funny lyrics stapled over off-tempo covers of beats (or just an old Billy Joel song) in the album Shut Up, Dude.  They were new and fresh, but with most things that are once called “fresh” they tend to go stale after a while.  It takes a lot to make it as a successful band with new and exciting sounds that keeps your name in the forefront of the public consciousness.  Their second release (Sit Down, Man) has had moderate success, but it’s hard to duplicate what they did the first go around.  We’ll see what the upcoming release (Relax) can do for them.

Das Racist – You Oughta Know

Well, here comes Kreayshawn.  I’ve only heard this one YouTube clip, and, based on this very limited set of information, I can’t see this being anything other than a one-hit wonder.  I hope she didn’t piss Arby’s off too bad, because she might be looking for a job there in a couple of years when she has finished smoking her money away in “swisher blunts”.  But, whatever, for now, she is having fun, and the song is pretty rad.

Kreayshawn – Gucci, Gucci

Then there is Tyler, the Creator (see the previous post on NCNN) and the rest of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All….  i just don’t know what is going on with these dudes.  Super hyped album release, arrests, riots, can you keep this up?, i’m exhausted just from following along!, need nap, arising one hour later, who are you?

So, in the “staying power” field, I give first nods to Das Racist, followed closely by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, while Kreayshawn is having trouble lighting her doob on the backstretch.  I guess it’s early in the race, and we’ll have to see how things pan out closer to the finish…

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