Girl Talk & those cute little Teslas

Has everyone heard Girl Talk?  The Gregg Gillis no-holds-barred, full-force, mash up wrecking crew that is better known as Girl Talk?  This guy is completely nuts, not to mention quite the controversial stir with the hundreds of samples that he uses to make his songs.  Well, some science nerds at the Open Spark Project decided to put together an experiment using giant Tesla coils to “play” the music.  Sort of like a laser light show with really bad sound (or maybe someone who flatulates to the beat is sitting next to you).  Check out the link to the “original” Girl Talk song that Open Spark used below, and then listen to it through the Tesla coils.  In any event, it is entertaining.  A couple more Girl Talk tracks are below the video if want more of these pretty killer mash-ups.  For more about the

This Is The Remix – Girl Talk [nsfw]

This Is The Remix – Girl Talk (Tesla Coil Remix)

Let It Out – Girl Talk [nsfw]

Steady Shock – Girl Talk [nsfw]

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